Who is Darvin Moore?

Darvin Moore is a well-sought after and influential speaker who has delivered hundreds of presentations and still counting. He is making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and their families. Possessing an unique ability to deliver valuable, enlightening and relevant lectures, he tends to impress just about any crowd through laughter, charm and professionalism. Darvin is a true natural when it comes to engaging with people.

Darvin Moore holds the title of credit expert and wealth advisor to some of the most wealthiest individuals. However, Darvin is known for providing his valuable advice & captivating tutorials on credit & wealth management to just about anyone who needs it. Inspired by his method of teaching, many individuals have left countless of testimonials describing how he has changed their lives.

Darvin’s signature phrase is “Credit is chess, not checkers”.

He believes that no matter how bad a person’s credit is, that if nurtured wisely through his program, it can, and will be fixed! Not only does Darvin seek to encourage credit restoration, he often motivates his clients to be the best version of themselves with an emphasis on building generational wealth.

Darvin is an entrepreneur and community advocate with well over 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur. He has the distinct ability to align business minded individuals with specific information and resources needed to launch start-ups, develop pre-existing businesses or spark the brain of non-existent businesses. Darvin has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs, church communities & corporate organizations defeat fear and maximize their credit potential. He has single-handedly revamped the credit profiles of countless organizations seeking high-level capital.

When not coaching, speaking or hosting credit seminars, Darvin enjoys spending time with his family, friends, volunteering at his local church, within the community, and planning credit literacy workshops. With a fierce legacy mindset, a few of Darvin’s biggest goals include making a difference in the world through generational finance awareness, financial literacy, credit restoration and holistic living. Darvin Moore is an all around great guy, family man, husband and friend.

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